Great filmmaking is not about the latest hardware, or high budgets – it is about a story. You gotta sell a 'good feeling'. Through today's information overload it's more difficult to reach people than it was ever before. Therefore emotions are essential in advertising. This is why we let tell brands the right stories. That’s what we do and what we love. How do we do that? With creativity, precision and credibility.

We are a modern film production based in Düsseldorf, Germany. We tell stories with a TWIST. We think, we do and we deliver. In order to do that we combine all necessary services for a successful film production under one roof.

How we work


We need to get to know you. But especially your brand which is at the heart of every idea. We develop a cinematic concept that grasps exactly the message your brand needs to convey. Because we strive for more than just nice pictures.


There are many factors in production that make up a professional and holistic film. An important point for this: We get down to business. This is how we bring your message to your audience. No matter if it's for a cinema screen or a mobile display.


The final step is the postproduction. At this point, everything comes together and the intended story will be brought to life. We edit the footage, add the music & sound effects and do the color correction in our in-house studio.